Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birdhouse review

Current Price: $3.99

Reviewed at v1.0.1

Birdhouse is a notepad for Twitter. What it does is "houses" your tweets for later publication. In other words, with Birdhouse, you can draft your tweets, save them for later, and publish them when ready.

Birdhouse has a clean interface yielding high ease-of-use. You can use the application for multiple Twitter accounts if you have more than one, and unpublish tweets that you posted from Birdhouse through the app. You can also "rate" your tweets according to how much you like it at that moment, until you reach the 5-star rank. You can also view created and modified times for the tweet as well as delete tweets on the main tweeting page.

Should you want to backup your tweets, you can do through email. You may set up a default email address to which your tweets will be sent, or email an entire list of tweets from your drafts and history pages. Additionally, the history page tells you the time and date you published a certain tweet and from there, you can unpublish as well.

With Birdhouse, you can draft as many tweets as you want and save as many tweets as you want. While you can publish tweets however, be aware that this app is meant to complement your current Twitter client on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It doesn't intend to replace your main Twitter client, only add to it with a particular function.

This app is very easy to use, but one thing I would like to see is yfrog or twitpic support. For example, if you're at a Bon Jovi concert, you draft a tweet saying "I'm at the Bon Jovi concert" but in actuality you're just heading there. When you are at the concert, you snap a pic, but can't add it to your Birdhouse draft. What a shame!
...........But in all seriousness, picture support is something I would like to see in future updates.

This app costs $3.99 and is very well-executed. It's not an essential function for every Twitter user, but for those who do need the functionality of this app, Birdhouse is well worth the price.

Interface: 5/5

Replay Value: 4/5

Overall Value: 4/5

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